Diving Safety Evolved

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3-Diver System
Part# A025903A21M
$ 78,000

6-Diver System
Part# A025903A21M

4-Diver System
Part# A025903A21M
$ 93,500

8-Diver System
Part# A025908A21M

5-Diver System
Part# A025904A21M

10-Diver System
Part# A025910A21M

12-Diver System
Part# A025912A21M
14-Diver System
Part# A025914A21M


Shearwater Petrel3 w/ Diver6 Firmware
Part# P137900A24M
$ 1,470
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Shearwater NERD w/ Diver6 Firmware
Part# P019400A14M
$ 1,815
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Air Pressure Sensor - Single Port
Part# P021000A15M
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Air Pressure Sensor - Dual Port
Part# P020F00A15M
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SWIFT Wireless Transmitter (Requires a Petrel3 to function)
Part# P137A00A24M
$ 390
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O-Ring Replacement Kit
Part# K001800A16M
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Shearwater Connector Plugs/Dust Caps
Part# K011800A21M
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Accessory Case
Part# A025A00A21M
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