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Quick Tips for Diver6

When using the Diver6 system, you may see some abnormalities happening that may cause you to question your data. No worries! We have a few quick tips that we think will help everyone during their dives.

The compass/heading is reading inaccurately

Is you craft compass and Diver6 heading not agreeing? That may be caused by one larger issue. The Diver6 Topside Modem has an internal magnetic compass that provided the heading for the modem. Be sure that if you are using the provided modem mounting equipment, that your 1" inch pipe is a non-ferrous metal. A ferrous metal pipe will cause the magnetic sensor to error in the same way as placing a magnet next to a compass. Be sure that when you place your modem in the water that you are not near large metal objects, ferrous in nature, that could cause the same deviations. Topside modem placement is crucial to get the most accurate reading for your divers in the water.

Water Temperature is inaccurate

You may at times see the water temperature to be inaccurate. That is due to the fact that it takes time for the temperature sensor to acclimate to the water temperature around it. Once the modem is in the water for a period of time and cools to the water temperature, you will get accurate temperature data. The time varies so be patient.

Air time Remaining

The Air Time remaining is calculated using up to the last five minutes of pressure readings. A rate per minute is then calculated and this rate is used to determine how long it will take to reach 725 PSI (or 50 bar). If the tank pressure has remained constant over a five-minute period, the Air Time will read “INF” indicating no air has been used and there is an “infinite” time remaining. If the diver does not have a tank pressure sensor, the string “--:--:--“ will be displayed.

Wash Wash Wash

Be sure that after every usage to wash down the system with fresh water. This will remove all the salt, mud, etc from the units and keep them clear of build up. Be sure to also dry the equipment before storing in the case. A simple preventative maintenance will keep your system operational for years to come.

These are just a few Quick Tips to make your dive more successful and accurate. For more information visits our FAQ, or check your user's manual for more information.