Diver6 - System Software

Diver Tracking System – Software

The Diver6 software is a fast and intuitive application that gives the dive master and surface observers the ability to track and monitor divers in the water. The dive master can now spend more time directing and monitoring divers and less time searching for bubbles.

The Diver6 software also provides additional features detailed below.

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Software designed for divers

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2D Diver Display

Monitor all divers on a 2D display providing visual reference from the vessel or pier/dock.
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Diver Details

Select each diver to see details including their dive history and depths. Air pressure is available using optional Shearwater equipment.
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3D Diver Display

See the divers in the 3D aqua-spatial environment. Adjustable display allows a new level of topside awareness.
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Alarm Settings

Global and diver alarms are available to tailor to the dive. When a diver violates the alarm setting, the dive master is notified.
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Manage Divers

Easily set up the dive team with their own Diver6 identities. Import diver pictures for added ease of use.
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Data Export

Diver6 is logging all data every time the Topside Modem connects with a Diver Modem. Dive histories are exportable for each diver.